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Content Writing for Website

Why does your website need good content?

Consider this situation: you’re at a bar and you see a beautiful young girl sitting alone. She’s gorgeously dressed, has a flawless complexion, and hair as smooth as a bald pate. You approach her and ask, “Hi, can I buy you a drink?” She says, “Ya! I is needs a drink.”


That’s the first reaction I’ll have. All the good impression she made with her appearance is gone towaste in a second.

You might face the same situation if you think that a great looking website will do the trick and get you paying visitors and you can go on making money forever. You couldn’t be further from the truth.

To sustain the first good impression that you make with the great looking website, and to retain your customers, you must exude professionalism in every aspect of your business. A badly written email, or a newsletter and content full of grammatical mistakes can drive away customers like smoke drives away hornets. If you’re not sure just take a look at products made in China. Read their content full of grammatical mistakes. How do you feel?

That’s why Pixels Global takes utmost care to produce quality content along with great graphics. Simply tell us what do you want to say to your customers and we’ll find a great way to say things that grips the imagination of the reader. With our team of language experts and experienced writers you can be sure of sustaining the first good impression.

So give us a call or do drop us a line. We’ll give you the rights words for the right occasion. For you’re only as good as what you say.

Our Content Writing Services include:

  • Content Writing for Website
  • Story Writing for Animation Movies, Short Films, Commercial Advertisements, etc
  • Specialised SEO content writing
  • Articles and posts for blogs and social media
  • E-books & Marketing Information Brochures
  • Email Marketing